St. Jude Primary School

Students are ready to be enrolled but the classrooms are not ready! Our expected enrollment in our new primary school is 550 children.

St. Jude's Primary School

St. Jude's primary school building is a building in-process and completing the project is the parish's highest priority. Recently, boy scouts from the U.K. spent three weeks in construction but the classrooms still aren't ready for students.


St. Jude's Preschool

The parish preschool currently includes thirty-one students. Once the primary school is completed and the government issues their primary school registration, they will begin to enroll first-graders. Their expected primary school population is 550 students.

Four Year Olds

Ana teaches the four-year-old children to count in English. They join in and count to ten! The children love to sing songs such as "Baby Jesus" and "Mango Green, Mango Yellow". The children also learn the English alphabet.

Five Year Olds

The five-year-old children in the preschool are taught by Edita. They continue to learn English and mathematics and are learning sentences. They also enjoy singing. Because animals are an important part of life here, they learn about domesticated and wild animals too.

The children's morning meal consists of porridge made from maize and beans and singing the song "Abarriti".

Help Children Get to School

In addition to the need to complete the primary school, there is an urgent need of a high-capacity vehicle—like a bus or van— to transport the children to and from school.