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There are many ways your donation can help the parish of St. Jude and it's outstations. Please consider our worthy cause and fill out the form below indicating which project(s) you'd like to donate to.

Donations are handled through the U.S. Spiritan's Congregation of the Holy Spirit* PayPal account.

One-time Donations

To indicate which project you want your donation to help, tell us in the "Specify a Cause" field on the donation form on the next page.

Recurring Donations

Help Us Finish Our Primary School

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Help Us Build Our New Church

Help Us Serve Our Communities

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* The U.S. Spiritans are a part of a Roman Catholic religious congregation founded in France in 1703 called the Congregation of the Holy Spirit. Today we have nearly three thousand priests, brothers and Lay Spiritan Associates. With missions in over sixty countries around the world (in red above), we are involved in many diverse ministries including education, parish work, and refugee ministry.